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Get to know some familiar faces!

Current administration

Tristan B. Kildaire ~deavmi

Creator of CRXN.

Roles: Documentation, Outreach, Network services, Scripting & Programming

E-mail: BNET IRC: deavmi (preferred) Matrix:

Christian Rühringer

Amazing German dude.

Roles: Network services, Routing BNET IRC: chris2001

Ty3r0X ~ty3r0x

Follow The Eye!

Owner of Chaox, responsible for CRXNxDN42 interconnection

Roles: Network services, Routing, CRXNxDN42 interconnection maintenance

E-mail: BNET IRC: ty3r0x

Marek Küthe ~mark22k

The hero of CRXN

Owner of Bandura Communications, responsible for CRXNxDN42 interconnection, BGP master

Roles: Network services, Routing, CRXN DNS, CRXNxDN42 interconnection maintenance, Scripting & Programming

Email: Hackint IRC: mark22k

Previous administration

Rany ~rany

Administer of EntityDB.

Roles: EntityDB

E-mail: BNET IRC: rany Matrix:

Alex Denes ~caskd

European CRXN adminstration, runs the CRXN DNS root name server.

Roles: Network services, CRXN DNS

E-mail: BNET IRC: caskd